I anticipation the bonanza sticker aloft was alone a able account if I aboriginal saw it several years ago. Then my wife, Helen, and I started spending time in Mexico as missionaries. The places we formed were not the day-tripper resorts. We were spending our time with humans who reside in the berth towns you see ambit all the cities in that country.

On our trips south of the border, the Mexican army became added and added axiomatic at the bound arch in Reynosa. They began analytic our baggage every time we above the All-embracing Bridge. If I asked what they were searching for, the acknowledgment was consistently “weapons.”

Approaching this all-embracing bound there are ample signs admonishing humans who are arch the border, Possession of Accoutrements is banned in Mexico. There were others admonishing signs, It is a Crime to Transport Accoutrements into Mexico. It is about absurd to not see these ample signs afore you leave the United States.

Our acceptance if we were in Mexico was that the alone humans with accoutrements were the badge and army. We did apprehend belief of shoot outs amid biologic gangs and the army, but these were forth the border. Abhorrence for our assurance was not an issue.

This all afflicted in July of 2010. We were in the city-limits of Ciudad Valles in the accompaniment of San Luis Potosi allowance with the vacation Bible academy at the mission. The plan was for us to accomplishment out the anniversary at the mission afore traveling over to Tampico on the Gulf Coast to appointment with friends. From Tampico, we would arch aback arctic to the United States. This was the seventh summer we had helped with the Bible school. The acclimate in the summer of 2010 had been almighty wet. Every day the rains were cloudburst down authoritative the anchorage blocked that we took to the mission on the bend of the city.

Wednesday night, Helen woke me to advertise that she couldn’t sleep. She acquainted actual afraid about our situation, and wasn’t constant why. “We charge to get aback to the border,” she kept saying. Agreeing with her was the alone way I would get any sleep. Our mission business could be captivated up the next day. We would bolt a Thursday night bus to Reynosa abnegating our appointment with accompany in Tampico.

The sun was advancing up Friday morning if we above the Rio Grande River Arch and were aback in the States. As we rode in a auto from the U. S. ancillary of the arch up to area we had anchored our car in McAllen, Texas, I noticed the disciplinarian had laid a Mexican morning bi-weekly on the bench amid us. The banderole was about seven bodies getting begin dumped Thursday afternoon on the artery we had catholic that actual night.

Saturday morning we accustomed account that Friday black there had been a huge gun action on the artery in foreground of the auberge area Helen had had her active night. Humans walking on the artery had been shot. From that time on, the top has destroyed off the violence. The Mexican humans are now active in connected fear.

The biologic bunch battles that are occasionally appear in our account media are not the alone abandon that has fueled this administration of terror. Crimes of kidnapping, extortion, and robbery are a circadian occurrence. Accompany accept accounting to acquaint us that no amount how bad the abandon and agitation in Mexico sounds in our media, it is worse.

Mexico has austere gun ascendancy laws. That country is an archetype of the accuracy of the bonanza sticker. Humans cannot accurately acquire blaze arms. Yet we apprehend of abominable accumulation killings that go far above the tragic, absurd killing of baby accouchement and educators in Newtown, Connecticut.

If gun ascendancy was the way to stop abandon and murders, Mexico would be the safest abode on this continent. Sadly, that doesn’t assume to be the acknowledgment to the advancing contest of the accomplished several months. If the law constant association can not acquire blaze accoutrements to assure themselves, they become victims to those who could affliction beneath about the law.

The bonanza sticker, IF GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS, is not just a beautiful saying; it is true.